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Tuscany offers a rich variety of hiking tours.

As passionate hiking guides, we found our dream landscape in Tuscany. Like no other area in Italy, Tuscany offers a rich variety of hiking tours. There is something for every taste and level of difficulty. We can take you to northern Tuscany with the Apennine Mountains and Carrara marble quarries. Or in southern Tuscany with its wide plain and the natural wetlands of the Maremma. The Orcia Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its gentle hilly landscape offers hiking trails where you can switch off and relax.
You can find everything from wild nature parks and reserves to the cultural landscape with cultivated vineyards and olive groves. The nice thing is that almost every hike can be combined with a visit. Visiting a medieval place or a natural monument. A delicious wine tasting in a family-run winery. Or a refreshing swim in the sea.

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What always accompanies you when you hike in Tuscany and especially in the Maremma – the intense scent of the Mediterranean bush. Especially after a rain shower, the essential oils get into your nose and refresh your whole body. Our hikes not only challenge the body but you also get a lot of background information on the respective plants, animals and the history of the landscape, which is not too scarce and incredibly exciting in Tuscany.

Let yourself be inspired by the examples of our hiking tours. A nice coastal walk maybe? Then off to Populonia. Or come along for a „beer hike“. Do you want to know what that is? Keep curious and ask! We can put together a suitable hike or hiking week for single persons or every group size.

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